Leopard in the Kruger Park

Leopard.., OH LEOPARD! This is the thing about a leopard, if it is not laying, or rather hanging legs and tail down in a tree, you better be very fast with a camera when it suddenly appear! As soon as it appears, it will vanish. You have a fleeting few seconds as it casually walk-off into the bush! This very big guy we got in the Kruger Park on Dec 23, 2021 it is really massive and you have to take note of its really large head. It was sitting about fifty feet away in dense bush and we tried to focus in on it. The vehicle engine was switched off and we had lots of time to wait. To our surprise it suddenly got up and walked out the dense shrubs straight towards us and about two feet away from our Landcruiser it swerved and went around the car over the road and then off into the bush on the other side of the road. It was literally a few feet away from us. I have to add that in my entire life, have I not seen the Kruger Park in such a fantastic green blanket! This year the rains just did not stop and grass is plentiful and lush in the park!

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