Lynx 270 Batwing Awning

Well, after a number of trials, tribulations and ensuring definite local USA sourcing of ALL materials and manufacturing, our new Lynx 270 Batwing awning is off-the-line and currently being rigorously tested in the current summer sun and rain of Tennessee. A best-of-the-best product designed by yours truly, Conrad Herbst. Coming through almost 30 years of deep African, open skies bush camping, and having owned many an awning, and having been disappointed by even more awnings than I owned, but also, on the flip side been positively inspired by others, our Lynx 270 Batwing Awning is a culmination of the very best qualities of all those I owned and experienced under African and US skies. The Lynx 270 Batwing Awning is extremely durable and light weight. Exited I most certainly am, and I believe so are those that know my quality of products and my service. Especially, those who already ordered theirs's, trusting in what I am doing even before seeing the end product. To my loyal customers that became friends, I bow my head in thanks and gratefulness. I will not disappoint you. Soonest that I am happy with what we have, on the outcome of the trials, being either going back to the drawing board or doing a photoshoot for launch, I will update you momentarily! Enjoy our God given Earth. 

- Conrad Herbst -

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