The Ultimate Modular Dock System uses tough polyethylene roto-moulded modules that are available in separate units, each 9' 9" (3m) x 6' 6" (2m) x 1' 4" (.4m) in size and can be arranged in any which way you like. You can literally build your own marina. The more units you buy the cheaper it goes per unit. This is a versatile option applicable to situations where a smart appearance and flexibility is required, as the modules are easily demountable and moveable.

It allows for multiple layout combinations and are tough and durable, non-slip, UV resistant and do not deteriorate in a marine environment. The UMD system can withstand heavy conditions, making it ideal for commercial and public use applications.

A variety of custom accessories (e.g. hand rails, safety ladders) are also available making the UMD Jetty/Dock/Marina System a popular choice for any type of marine berthing, private jetty, resort water sports and public use recreational applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Modules are easily configured to any layout
  • Proven long lasting construction
  • Private/Public boat ramp access for safety
  • Minimize liability
  • Dry berthing for floatplanes, boats, kayaks, dinghies, jet ski
  • Lake, dam or river applications
  • Even a heli-pad for special events
  • Modularity, easy to assemble
  • Buoyancy of 81.9 Pounds Per Square Foot (lbm/sq ft) or 400kg/sq.m (for 100% submerge)
  • Exceptional stability and security
  • High mechanical strength
  • Strong resistance to UV

Technical Specification:

  • Each Unit Size = 9' 9" (3M) Long x 6' 6" (2M) Wide x 1' 4" (.4M) High
  • Color = Grey Color  MOC = C6 PE with UV stabilized
  • Deck = CSIRO slip resistant certified, raised tile pattern, self-draining.
  • Resistance to Degradation = Extremely High  Resistance to Impact = Extremely High
  • Load: Each UMD 1000kg Uniformly distributed load (+-15% over load capacity) at half submersion in water

Further Separate (if-needed) Accessories Include;

  • Rubber "dog Bone" connectors
  • Fender system
  • Mooring Cleats
  • Socket or Fender Cleats
  • Outboard Motor Brackets
  • Pilon Brackets 
  • Seabed anchors
  • Ladder and Handrail Systems
  • Jet Ski Docks