More Info on Black Series MAX Rooftop Tent

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the Bush Company Roof Top Tent – Black Series MAX edition is unrivaled in its quality, simplicity, and practicality.  With a setup/pack downtime of under 2 minutes and a 3″ high-density foam mattress 4′ 3.6″ wide and 7′ 0.6″m long, this really is the ultimate in comfort and convenience and a superb addition to any camping/touring setup.

The Black Series MAX has a double-action opening roof, so you have the option of either just opening the tent as a Clamshell or opening the second roof providing 4′ 6.4″ of max headroom at the rear and 4′ 2″ at the front of the tent.  The second roof can be closed easily from the inside or outside of the tent and is firmly secured when closed with catches on the sides and front.  In addition to the standard rear and side openings found on the Black Series, when fully open the Black Series MAX has an additional large opening at the front of the tent and two additional windows on the side of the canvas providing increased airflow and also visibility from the tent.  All of the openings on the Black Series MAX have high-quality midge mesh and a canvas door that zips up from the bottom.

There is 12V power pre-installed, has an LED light in the roof of the tent and convenient storage pockets on the roof and the sides of the walls.  There are 1.8m extruded roof rails enabling you to secure up to 440lbs (200Kg) on the roof of the tent in the closed position, and even with 110lbs (50Kg) on the roof when open, the mechanical gas struts will still be able to open and safely support the roof. For easy fitment to vehicles, there are 4 heavy-duty extruded rails on the underside of the tent.

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There is a range of brackets available for the fitment of accessories including:

  • Heavy Duty Awning brackets for mounting awnings directly to the sides of the tent.
  • Lightbar/Spotlight Brackets
  • Bracket to mount a Sirocco fan to the internal roof.
  • Roof Load Bars to attach to the roof rails on the tent.
  • MAXTRAX Load bar bracket for mounting up to 4 recovery tracks on the roof


Length: External 7′ 4.6″  internal (mattress length) 7′ 0.6″
Width: External 4′ 7.1″ (4′ 10.3″ including gas struts) / internal (mattress width) 4′ 3.6″
Height (exterior, closed): 12.2″ including roof rails and base extrusions
Max Height (exterior, open): 5′  at the rear and 4′ 8.2″ at front
Max Height (interior, open): 4′ 6.4″ at the rear and 4′ 2″ at front
Weight: Approximately 220 lbs (excluding telescopic ladder)

Black Series MAX Clamshell Roof Top Tent Key Features

  • Fast set-up and pack downtime – less than 2 minutes.
  • Frame outer dimensions: 7′ 4.6″ L, 4′ 7.1″ W, 12.2″ H
  • Fully welded 2mm aluminum base frame and roof frame powder coated black.
  • Checkered plate 1.5mm floor and roof.
  • Internally reinforced roof load rated to 440 lbs when the roof closed.
  • Extruded roof rails 5′ 10.9″ long on both sides, suitable for M8 bolts.
  • Heavy-duty gas struts on both sides can support up to 110 lbs of additional weight on the roof when open.
  • Internal LED light (White and Yellow) and pre-installed 12V wiring using Anderson plug underneath and inside the tent.
  • Internal opening height of 4′ 6.4″ at the rear and 4′ 2″ at the front.
  • Heavy-duty 460g rip-stop, mold, and mildew resistant canvas.
  • Large easy setup rain fly on rear and sides of tent. 
  • 3″ super high-density foam mattress 4′ 3.6″ W and 7′ 0.6″  L with removable canvas cover.
  • 4.7″ of storage space above the mattress when the tent is closed.
  • The thermal marine carpet underneath the mattress and carpeted internal roof
  • Heavy-duty fly screen mesh on all entry points
  • Collapsible 8′ 4.3″ aluminum ladder with attachment points at the rear and drivers’ side, comes with a canvas storage bag.
  • YKK zippers used on fly screens and canvas door openings
  • Internal storage pockets on the roof and also on sides.
  • Four extruded rails underneath tent running cross-ways for easy fitment to vehicles.
  • Total weight including all features except the ladder is 220 lbs approx.
  • 2 Year Nationwide Warranty.

Roof Top Tent Dimensions & External Features

Designed and manufactured in South Africa the Clamshell Roof Top Tent – Black Series MAX is a superb addition to any 4WD touring setups. The frame of the tent has an outside dimension of L 47′ 4.6″, W 4′ 7.1″  (4′ 10.3″ including gas struts) and H 12.2″  (closed including the roof rails, height exterior open 5′  at the rear and 4′ 8.2″ at the front).  The frame of the tent is folded 0.8″ aluminum with fully welded seams and corners. Both the base and the roof frames are powder coated black with a rippled finish, the top section of the roof and the base are 1.5mm checker plate. Inside, the roof has 5 aluminum cross-sections on the inside to provide additional strength, allowing up to 110 lbs of weight to be carried on top of the tent, the inside of the roof is also fully carpeted providing additional thermal properties that assist in reducing condensation.  The two extruded 5′ 10.9″ roof rails take an M8 bolt for attachment of accessories such as solar panels or eye bolts to provide perfect tie-down points.

The heavy-duty gas struts on either side of the tent allow for easy put-up by one person in under 2 minutes.  When packing away there is a bungee cord that goes right around the lower canvas to assist in pulling in the sides of the tent, and the upper section has internal bungee cords to pull the sides in, there is also a long strap at the rear and front of the tent for starting the closure of the roof, and the top section also has handles on the interior to enable it to be easily closed from the inside. .  The tent has a fully waterproof and dust-proof automotive-grade rubber seal when closed and there are two adjustable lockable catches on the rear of the lower section and the upper section .has two catches at the front and sides of the upper section.

Underneath the tent, there are four 2″ wide extruded heavy-duty aluminum rails that run crossways.  These extrusions take an M8 bolt and make fitment of the tent to roof racks, roof load bars, or canopies really straightforward. The outer rails start 16.7″ from the end of the frame and are 15.7″ apart.

Roof Top Tent Canvas and Internal Features

The tent itself is made from military spec heavy duty 460g ripstop canvas that is mold and mildew resistant with triple-stitched sealed seams. Access to the tent can be from either the driver’s side (if the entrance is to the rear of the vehicle) or to the rear using the telescopic ladder that locks in place and is stored in its own heavy-duty canvas bag to ensure no sand or dirt gets in the vehicle or the tent.

There is a rain fly on the lower section of the tent at the rear and on both sides, which is easily set up using two spring steel bars that are stored inside the tent when not in use.  The rain fly ensures that except in driving rain conditions very little rain reaches the main body of the tent helping to eliminate damp on the outside of the walls of the tent when it comes to packing away.

The tent is pre-installed with 12V electrics; there is an LED light attached to the roof of the tent and an Anderson plug on the base of the tent at the foot.  You can run a small fan or provide power to charge mobile phones, iPods, etc. from inside the tent.  Underneath the tent at the hinges end there is another Anderson plug that can be connected to your vehicles 12V power supply.

Inside the tent, there is a super heavy-duty 3″ thick mattress that measures 4′ 3.6″  wide by 7′ 0.6″  long.  The mattress is covered with a very durable canvas cover that can be removed for cleaning if required.  Underneath the mattress, there is a marine-grade thermal carpet that provides additional padding/insulation and also helps to reduce condensation build-up and prevents it from reaching the mattress.  Around all sides of the mattress, there is a 0.8″ gap between the mattress and the frame of the tent which assists with airflow around the base of the mattress and also prevents moisture on the inside of the frame from reaching the mattress.  There is storage for the telescopic aluminum pole at the head end of the mattress which can be used to support the roof of the tent in the very unlikely event that one of the gas struts fails or is damaged when off-road, or when you have additional weight on the roof.

When open, at the rear of the tent there is a total of 4′ 6.4″ at the rear and 4′ 2″ at front. Storage pockets are located on either side towards the foot end of the tent, plus there is a set of canvas storage pouches that has two zipped pockets and an open pocket, these are Velcro-backed so they can be located at different points of the roof to suit your needs.  When the tent is closed there is a 4.7″ gap between the roof of the tent and the top of the mattress which is ample room to keep your bedding set up, or for storing clothes in a completely dust-free environment, or providing secure storage for fishing rods or hunting equipment.



A 2 Years The Bush Company Manufacturer’s Warranty is applicable.