Complete Info on Safari to South Africa, Botswana & Namibia.


Imagine! Camping under an ancient and massive baobab tree, relaxing on the warm shores of the Chobe river, with the sun setting in the west after a long day of Game Viewing. Only yards away the Elephants wade into the water as they have done for millennia, the young ones squealing with excitement, pushing for a position, wanting to get in first. In the far distance, the roar of a lion mixes with that of a hippo in the evening air. You sit in awe, watching the lazy flames of the campfire, sundowner in hand, relishing creation in its finest raw beauty!

Tour Option Examples

South Africa:- 2 Days Cape Town – 3 Days Kruger National Park – 2 Days Sun City and Lost City National Park. Many possible variations.

Botswana:-  Gaborone – 1 Day Kubu Island Makgadikgadi Salt Lakes – 2 Days Elephant Sands (close-up with Elephants) – 3 Days Chobe National Park and Chobe River – 1 Victoria Falls (Zambia Side) – 1 Day Elephant Sands again returning to Gaborone. Many possible variations.

Namibia:-  1 Day Windhoek – 3 Days Etosha National Park – 2 Days Walvisbay / Swakopmund – 2 Days Namib Desert. Many possible variations.

If you wish to discuss this safari by phone and how our up to 15% discount is established, please feel free to call us 24/7 on USA +1 615-712-1110 or South Africa +27 82 829 7386 or Dubai +971 05 8 529 6797 and speak with our experienced tour guide. Alternatively, send us an (if any of these numbers is not answered it may mean that, that personnel may be in the bush with a group, either try another number or even better, drop us your full detail with an email or a Whatsapp)

8 days of Heaven-on-Earth close-up and personal with Wildest Africa.
Our Safari's are a standard 8 days on the ground, plus two days for flying in and two days for flying out. We promise 8 days on the ground! 

ALL-INCLUSIVE accommodation, meals, drinks including alcohol, pick-up and drop-off and all equipment and ground transport at only $3995 p/p, book 2 people 5% Discount, 3 people 10% Discount, and if 4 people then a 15% discount on the group! This you get in a cash refund.

As from October 1st, 2020, US Citizens do not need to apply for South African Visas anymore. US Citizens only need a Passport.

Tours can be mixed and matched with various destination/stays to your personal liking, and, with our on the ground experience, to assist in making the very best of every single second available.

All possible destinations and points of interest, achievable in these 8 days, and means of travel included in this price;(Please note that not all points-of-interest/destinations are possible in 8 days, simply due to distance and available means of travel. However, we are going to mix and match with you until we got it perfect and to your liking.)


  • All pick-up and drop-offs;
  • We will be your security 24/7 from the moment we pick you up, have you safely travel, and, will ensure your safe return up to the moment you finally pass into customs at the airport, on your merry way back.
  • Luxury 4WD transport to all bush destinations;
  • All entrance fees to National and other game parks and campsites;
  • Safe and luxury lodge and/or rooftop tents when camping;
  • Luxury hotel accommodation when and where available;
  • All meals, snacks, and beverages, including alcohol;
  • Personal and fulltime guide and drivers;

Possible Destinations; (Please note that due to distance and time available, a mix and match selection of destination as below will be available, most certainly not all of them. We will spend as much time as you require to finally get it to your liking, we however also want you to know that our planners have done the actual trips many times over and they will be able to help you in detail.)

  • Kruger National Park, South Africa;
  • Makgadigadi Pans, Botswana
  • Chobe National Park and Chobe river, Botswana;
  • Moremi and Savuti National Parks, Botswana;
  • Okavango Delta, Botswana;
  • Elephant Sands, Botswana;
  • Victoria Falls, Zambia; (via pontoon over the Zambezi river)
  • Etosha Pans, Namibia;
  • Skeleton Coast, Namibia;
  • Namib Desert, Namibia;
  • Kaokoveld and Kunene River, Namibia;
  • Possible Cities/towns:
    • South Africa: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and George;
    • Botswana: Gaborone, Maun, Francistown, Nata, and Kasane;
    • Zambia: Livingston;
    • Namibia: Windhoek; Grootfontein; Walvisbay and Luderitz.

 Not Included:

  • Domestic and international flights (We can book if you require. Please let us quote)
  • Passport and Visa application costs, where applicable;
  • International Medical Insurance (Can be arranged at cost);
  • Anti-Malaria prophylactic which you are normally supposed to start taking a few days before leaving the USA. (Depending on type/manufacturer)
  • Own personal spending money.

 (All International Covid19 rules apply when flying)
Planning, Booking Directions and Money Back Guarantee Arrangements
Our Direct Info Line: USA +1 615-712-1110 or South Africa +27 82 829 7386 or Dubai +971 05 8 529 6797 and speak with our experienced tour guide. Alternatively, send us an email to (if any of these numbers is not answered it may mean that, that personnel may be in the bush with a group, either try another number or even better, drop us your full detail with an email or a Whatsapp) 

  • Lynx Outdoor USA, will at all times, refund clients when such clients cannot embark on the booked trip anymore;
    • IMPORTANT! This however, will be with due consideration of all, international/domestic flights, vehicle travel, national parks, and accommodation already booked with third parties on behalf of you our client, at the time of your cancelation/refund request. As these are normally not refundable by such third parties, and, cannot be carried as a loss by Lynx Outdoor USA. If at the time of your cancellation, any such third-party items are booked and paid, that will be deducted from your refund. Lynx-Outdoor USA will supply proof of such payments.

The Planning and Booking process will therefore be as follows:

  1. You fill out all your personal and booking detail as requested on this page, ensuring that your current contact details are entered 100% correctly, or, send us an email with all your detail;
  2. Feel free to at any time contact us directly on our telephone numbers or email as displayed on this page to ask any question you like, about us and/or info on the package. Our personal service starts at the booking stage.
  3. PLEASE NOTE: All trips normally include at least 4 persons, either of your own group or if as a result of your own group not being 4 persons, there will be new friends to meet on the trip.
  4. You thereafter select the BOOK TRIP option button on this page, and, pay either the direct full amount with your credit card or Paypal or ShopPay or any other credit line as may be available to you through the electronic system.
  5. Once you have paid, a Lynx Outdoor representative will contact you within the same day we received your payment, to start your planning and selection of places and points of interest to visit as to complete your itinerary;
  6. No planning/scheduling or specific final details or trip planning will be entertained unless payment first occurred;
  7. All trip planning and discussion data will be recorded/confirmed by email.
  8. You, as our ever-important client, will, after your trip details have been finalized in conjunction with ourselves, once again be informed by email with the final arrangements and itinerary.
  9. Which you will then scrutinize, ensure that all details are correct and sign-off;
  10. After which you will send us your signed approval.
  11. Up to this very point in time, a FULL REFUNDABLE payment will still be possible.
  12. From here on, as certain flights and other bookings are made with third parties, you will be promptly notified thereof by email throughout the process, and, should at this time some unfortunate event occur that will prevent you from joining the trip, such costs, as have been booked on your behalf, and, of which you were promptly notified, will not be refundable.
  13. If at any time any arrangement/trip/excursion cannot be fulfilled as a result of negligence on the side of Lynx Outdoor USA (Holding Company, CHEMC Environmental, Inc.) then you will be entitled to a FULL REFUND.
  14. Any/all unforeseen natural/unnatural, national, or international disasters, be it environmental, economic, operational or health of any kind, cannot and will not, be regarded as negligence on the part of Lynx Outdoor USA or it’s holding company.
  15. IMPORTANT! You will be entering malaria-prone areas, and you WILL be required to have started your malaria prevention treatment before arrival in South Africa. Your Tour Guide will, on meeting you on arrival at the airport, require proof thereof in the form of a medical prescription or any other legal proof. The fact that you have taken it, or not, will not be the liability of Lynx Outdoor USA or it’s holding company. To date, not a single one of our clients contracted Malaria.
Payment Options!
When going on an overseas trip, one rarely has the money to simply just do it next week, and, normally some planning goes into it months before, thus, as you will be planning this for a while and most probably only want to go 6 months or so from now. Getting away from the winter for a break! Book and pay with PAYPAL CREDIT or Shop-Pay or any other such credit lines that are so randomly available online. There simply is NO REASON for you to come up with ALL the money right TODAY! This will make it much easier on you, and, by the time you fly your trip may also be fully paid, giving you one carefree holiday!