Mozambique Fishing Charters, Indian Ocean.

Mozambique Fishing Charters

International/domestic flights included - 5 Day greatest game fishing adventure of Your Life!

We Target 7 Game Species;

  • Marlin, sailfish, and large yellowfin tuna
  • Giant trevally (GT's are plentiful)
  • Dogtooth, wahoo and dorado.

You fly into Johannesburg, South Africa, and from there to Mozambique. We pick you up at the airport and depart from the town of Quelimane, Mozambique on the east coast of Africa, a 5-minute drive to the boat. Flight costs included in this price.

Pax/Max 5 Persons.

We do a continuous 5 day excursion on the water, on top the Primera Reefs, off the Fogo Islands, 45 nautical miles in a north-easterly direction from Quelimane. The pristine reef banks are surrounded by deep water with a shallow top escarpment of 10 to 12 meters below surface. We target the north, east and west side of the bank where the current creates an up-swell where all the fish feed.

Please Note: This is a very active, hardcore, 5-day at sea game Mozambique fishing charter, it is not suited for ladies or boys under the age 12, nor for excessively overweight, unfit persons or people with general movement problems. The coastal town Quelimane and the Fogo islands are also still rugged and bare with no general holiday facilities for any family that may want to travel with.

We supply the following on, and also, below our Catamaran Yacht:

  • The most pristine and almost overstocked, Indian ocean tropical game fishing reefs in the World!
  • Two major reefs a few miles off the Mozambican, east coast of Africa.
  • 90% of the time calm seas between the Islands!
  • Chef on board with gourmet meals. (Occasionally forgotten when the big trophies start running!)
  • Drinking water, soft drinks, local beer (2M perhaps the best beer in the world!)
  • Hard liquor – whiskey, rum, brandy, and cane spirits. You give us your choices before the charter.(Strict “after hours use” will be applied for this! No drunken sailors allowed!)
  • 4 x Private Bedrooms (2x double beds) (2x single beds) Most guests love to sleep outside on the deck.
  • Towels & bedding.
  • Fishing and trolling rods and all necessary lures and bait.
  • All your flights and costs thereof included in this package.

Bring the Following:

  • Bathing suit & minimum clothing (protective clothing for the sun and water)
  • Your own medicine (Especially chronic medication)
  • Sun Block, Dark Glasses & Wide Rim Hat. (You are guaranteed to catch trophy fish and trophy sunburn!)
  • Own Toiletries.
  • Any other top range liquor you require! (The Johnny Walker Blue Label Boys!) We suggest you buy that at the duty-free shops at the airport.
  • Ensure that you have taken the required malaria prevention medication.

 The following for those Professional Sportsmen that love to use their own STUFF!

  • Pop and jigging rods with reels
  • 80-pound braid on reels
  • Sinkers and hooks
  • Swivels and Rapala's
  • Lures – Drop-shot
  • Kona’s (Island Lures already made up)

Baggage Information

Baggage allowance per person;

  • Checked in luggage 45lbs (20kg)
  • Hand luggage 15lbs (7kg)
  • Sporting equipment 15 lbs. (7kg) (For example own rods, reels, lures if you want to!)

Flight and Visa Information

  • Flights are included!
  • All your flight requirements, bookings and transfers through our travel agent partners, Kaleidoscope Travel, South Africa.
  • For US Citizens no Visas are required for South Africa, but Visas are required for Mozambique.


For any further information about our Mozambique fishing charters you are most welcome to contact us by phone or text or WhatsApp us and we will call you back. Our numbers are USA, Tennessee, +1 615 712 1110 or South Africa +27 82 829 7386 or Dubai +971 58 529 6797