Lynx Outdoor USA, was actual born over 30 years ago in the bush and wildlife world of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Myself, Conrad Herbst, and my family and friends, have for many years (and still are)  been camping and enjoying the real deep bush of Africa.

Camping close-up and at the feet of Elephants, Giraffe and even loins. In doing so one learned what you really need, what you don't, what work and what don't. As needs changed and ideas developed we started manufacturing our own equipment simply because only few outdoor outlets could supply, and only to some limit, what actually work out there.

Having used an array of home made to designer field equipment, and also own developed camping and other equipment, such as awnings, tents and kayaks, we with Lynx Outdoor USA, wish and hope to bring that knowledge to the US and at the same time would love to take USA Citizens to Africa on our specialized trips. As I still do to this day.

At Lynx Outdoor USA we are known for rooftop tents, reliable awnings, camping and light weight tents, kayaks, outdoor gear and camping essentials. Lynx Outdoor USA, is renowned around the world for providing quality outdoor goods.