African Bush Camping Trip Tips

4WD Deep bush camping is one of the most exhilarating and most certainly the best way to become one with the animals and stunning landscapes around Southern Africa and the world. For some of you, bush camping might be one of your go-to hobbies. On the other hand, some of you have never been close to there. Regardless, if you've been bush camping for decades or are just learning, why not consider a scheduling a real close to the elephants and animals in Africa trip? If you don't know where to begin, we have some best camping trip tips to help you get started. 


African 4WD Bush Camping Trip Tips

Before you can venture into this, you're going to need a decent comfortable 4WD SUV. That is what we supply! While some places have vehicles for rent, you come 1000’s of miles, on a once in a lifetime trip, with only a few days available you do not know where to go drive the get the best impact in that short time. Once again that is what we supply! Lynx Outdoor is proud to supply our tested and tried vehicles, equipment, personnel and routes collection on an all-inclusive budget. If you need help choosing, please phone as requested and we discuss and plan with you until it is tailor maid for you and your group. Just give us a call, and our experts will be happy to help.


If this is your first 4WD African bush trip, there’s one vital camping trip tip we have to give you, and that is to ensure that you do take malaria tablets as per your Dr’s prescription before you fly, and have proof of it before you arrive. If not, we will supply you with our own (which most probably be the same as you’re would be prescription) You should also familiarize yourself with your camera and equipment, in many cases, you have only seconds for photography, especially when it comes to leopards.  Remember to dress accordingly; short and cool clothes in the day when in the vehicles, something very light and long sleeve when you are out of the vehicles. That can also be used at night when mosquitos start bugging! We do supply spray-on mosquito repellent for night times. We will also supply sun-block. Do bring swimwear! 

You can always bring additional items such as binoculars because being on the bush is one of the best places to see birds and wildlife that may be in a distance during your adventure.

The team at Lynx Outdoor USA is proud to be a part of the amazing adventure community. Just like you, we love getting outdoors. If you have any questions about our kayaks, give us a call today! All details on our main pages.