Kayaking Camping Trip Tips

Kayaking is one of the best ways to become one with the water in stunning landscapes around the United States and the world. For some of you, kayaking might be one of your go-to hobbies. On the other hand, some of you have never been in a kayak. Regardless if you've been kayaking for decades or are just learning, why not consider a scheduling a kayaking trip in the future? If you don't know where to begin, we have some kayaking camping trip tips to help you get started.  

Kayaking Camping Trip Tips 

Before you can venture into the waters, you're going to need a kayak. While some places have kayaks for rent, it's more beneficial to have your own kayak that suits your needs. Lynx Outdoor USA is proud to supply our proprietary kayaks in our Lynx-SPIRIT collection for a variety of budgets and applications. If you need help choosing a kayak, just give us a call, and our experts will be happy to help. 

Once you have your kayak, you're going to need a way to transport it. A lot of people will put their kayak on top of their vehicle with roof racks. You can also transport the kayak on your roof if you just get some padding and tie it down securely. 

If this is your first kayaking trip, there’s one vital kayaking camping trip tip we have to give you, and that is to brush up on some basic safety protocols. You should also familiarize yourself with paddling techniques before hitting the shores. Remember to dress accordingly; you're going to be in the water, after all. You don't need to wear a wetsuit (unless you're hitting white waters), but you should wear a swimsuit.  

You can always bring additional items such as binoculars because being on the water is one of the best places to see wildlife during your adventure. 

The team at Lynx Outdoor USA is proud to be a part of the amazing adventure community. Just like you, we love getting outdoors. If you're looking for a new kayak, you can't overlook the Lynx-SPIRIT Kayaks because we've designed them with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. If you have any questions about our kayaks, give us a call today!