Lynx 270 Batwing Awning 7'ft 6" reach

Lynx 270 Batwing Awning 7'ft 6" reach

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Free Shipping.  Lynx Outdoors USA, having its origins way-back, camping in the Africa bush, is a company that's part of a Worldwide outdoor and camping community. We offer products ranging from our own brand Lynx-Awnings, and Lynx-SPIRIT kayaks, to rooftop tents, camping equipment, accessories, and we even offer you game fishing and remote bush and safari tours, guides and adventures in Southern Africa.

Our tents and awnings are designed and manufactured here in Tennessee, USA by Conrad Herbst. Having 30 years of experience in rugged bush camping, Conrad toured Africa extensively, always finding the most practical way of doing things, out there in the bush, hundreds of miles from the nearest shop. Encapsulating that, with innovation and a deep sense of quality of products and services to fellow adventure seekers. All our products are designed and continually refined to endure the variable climate differences of the vast American outdoors. So do not wait any longer—join the elite outdoor campers with a Lynx batwing awning, rooftop tent and equipment. Additionally, you may want to book a kayaking rental trip or buy our kayaks. Have any questions about our products, safari/bush tours in Southern Africa, or game fishing trips to the Mozambique east coast? Contact us today - 615 712 1110 or 

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