Lynx Ocean-Vu 1 x Person

Lynx Ocean-Vu 1 x Person

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Lynx Ocean-Vu max load capacity = 1 person total 264lbs

Start Point - Old Hunter Road Boat Ramp, 550 yards off the 231, turn west between the bridge and the Dollar General. Google Map Pins will be sent on day of activity. All rentals include pick-up and drop-off at the parking (end point) and start point, paddles, life jackets and a small zip-log plastic bag for your mobile phone. All rentals are subject to a cash $50, no-broken equipment and/or correct and on time returned, refundable deposit. 

End Point - 2 hours / PLEASE NOTE: this route has changed to an at leisure scenic paddle, up or down the river and you will return back and exit the river at the same place where you launched, at the Hunter's Point Boat ramp. This is more for the not so experienced kayaker. No Shuttling is required as you will be right back at your vehicle.  

End Point - ± 4 hour most scenic at leisure paddle to Misty Cove Boat Ramp at the end of Ramsey Rd which will be the end of a 4 hours / 7.5 mile route. This route is for the Experienced Paddler and children under the age of 12 years, will please not be allowed. 

Full Day - Could be any of the above, however, please note that if you want to do the 7.7 mile route then the Experienced Paddler and children under the age of 12 years rule will apply.

We are open 365 days a year for an all seasons experience of a most scenic protected wildlife area with high straight cliffs, wide sweeping bends, beautiful riverine shores and multiple bird species. Of the 6,000 acres of Old Hickory WMA, only 1,000 acres are accessible from public access locations. The remainder are accessible only by kayak and boat. There are patches of hardwood forest of oak, hickory, and maple, and riparian forest of Black Willow and sycamore along the shoreline of parts of the lake. These forested areas are mixed with cropland that is flooded for waterfowl in winter.

Wildlife to Watch for: Waterfowl are abundant in winter. Early successional birds are common in summer, including Indigo Bunting, Northern Cardinal, Eastern Towhee, and Yellow-breasted Chat. Sparrows of various species may be seen throughout the winter.

You can stop at as many points as you like to do photography, swim or walk on the shores or to explore Armstrong Island. Your allotted time is yours, and, if you accidentally go past a small extra thirty minutes, we are not going to cry too much!


You will be required;

  • To give proof of your identity;
  • To sign an indemnity form for each individual**;
  • Bring your own bottled water and food for the day; (If you need/forgot something at the last moment do not despair there is a Dollar General at the turn-off)
  • Bring your Deposit in cash, it will be collected and be refunded at the start and end of the trip.
  • Especially in summer season do not dare go without sunscreen, hat and light cover clothing.
  • Ensure that you arrive with a fully charged mobile phone.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be allowed.
  • Advisable to apply insect repellent, especially in the summer season.
  • If you are allergic to any possible insect bites ensure you have your antihistamines on hand.

**Refusal to sign an indemnity form on day of rent does not constitute the refund of rental fees.

    Safety Measures;

    • Please ensure that you comply to all covid rules.
    • You will at all times wear your supplied Life Jacket when on a kayak or swimming.
    • When you do fall off a kayak always immediately grab onto it for extra buoyancy, as well as to get back onto asap.
    • Please ensure that you arrive with a fully charged mobile phone in the event that you get lost somewhere, lose you kayak or have trouble. That way you can call and send a pin-drop so we can find you.
    • Always keep your mobile phone dry and in the supplied zip-log bag, that way it will also float when it accidentally fall in the water.
    • It's always advisable to wear sneakers even when you are in the water, possible hidden sharp objects on the bottom or in the mud can cause injury.
    • NEVER just dive into murky water in an area that you do not know, there could be sharp rocks, tree branches or other hidden objects below the surface that could severely injure you.
    • Children in their own kayaks must at all times be under adult supervision.
    • No person that seems to be intoxicated or under the influence of any substance will be allowed on a kayak. No refund will be applicable. 


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